In 2020 i already wrote antoher two pieces in "bavarian" style, mixed with modern elements, more to come, stay tuned.

2018 / 2019

In 2018 / 2019 i worte severel pieces in traditional "bavarian" style for my music group.

15.12.2017 Serj Tankian 7 Notes Music Challenge

Participation had been a duty when Serj Tankian  calls.

18.09.2017 Untitled Intro

I checked out new drum-,  synthie-  and choir sounds, integrated in my little composition, youtube video here.

17.09.2016 Anticipation II, revised version

I have revised my composition "Anticipation II" and created a complete score - containing 27 voices.
This peace ist waiting for its Live-Premiere, so do not hesitate to contact me... :-)

31.03.2016 Sonokinetic Composer Competition

My first try for the Sonokinetic Composer Competition (music for a one-minute cinema trailer)