15.12.2017 Serj Tankian 7 Notes Music Challenge

Participation was mandatory when Serj Tankian calls. Others deserved to win, after all I made it onto the website with a presentation of the best entries.

18.09.2017 Untitled Intro

I took a closer look at the EWQL sound libraries and integrated new drum sounds, synthie and choir into my little composition, youtube video here.

17.09.2016 Revision of "Anticipation 2"

In the now ending sports break, I have thoroughly revised my piece "Anticipation II" and created a 27-part score. This piece, which was created with a lot of passion, would still wait for the long-awaited premiere :-)

31.03.2016 Sonokinetic Composer Competition

Injury-related sports breaks again open up space for musical activities, here is a first attempt at the
Sonokinetic Composer Competition (music for 1-minute cinema trailer), a simple main topic on the piano,
still expandable, hopefully more versions will follow soon ...

23.11.2015 - First appearance on a CD

After hearing my Machine Head orchestrations, quite by chance Drew Cochrane from the Scottish Metalcore Titans „Excellent Cadaver“ contacted me and asked me to write a strings arrangement for the gently part of „Dead Dreams“ on the their upcoming EP...
Things ran very quickly and creative, so i am quite proud and very glad, that they published their EP with my arrangement!

08.08.2015 - Halo orchestra version

I tried to transfer Machine Heads epic song "Halo" with its Killer-Refrain and Riffs into an orchestral version, so here it is

19.01.2015 - Orchestration for "Game Over" from Machine Head